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Reclaim your freedom with anonymous banking

Banking for everyone on earth

Everyone is Welcome

With ATMs in 80 countries, Privato Bank makes it possible for everyone on earth to open a bank account. We accept everyone, no KYC required.

Total Anonymity

Your Privato Bank account is 100% anonymous. Your personal ID information is never required to open an account, which makes it impossible for us to report to any government.

Anonymous Debit Card

Each account holder can order as many anonymous debit cards as desired.  These cards work worldwide in every place that accepts Visa, including ATM's.

Vibrant Online Banking

Our online banking system is simple and easy to use. We see no reason to make it complicated. You can transact securely from any internet device anywhere in the world.

Saving is Simple

Every Privato Bank account comes with a savings account that earns 1.000% per month thanks to our partnership with a leading hedge fund.  Growing your wealth has never been more simple.

Fail-Safe Account Security

Privato Bank does not engage in any lending. Your funds are stored until you put them to use & never leave our custody. We will never be insolvent due to fractional reserve practices.

We're Open Every Day

Say goodbye to banking holidays & waiting periods.  We're open every day of the year, including our customer support agents who reply within moments.

Perfect Customer Service

We will never put you on hold, force you to navigate complicated menus or speak to anyone not proficient in your own language. We keep it simple, effective and fast because we like smiles.

Meet the card that opens every door

No personal ID required

Our debit cards are provided as a corporate pre-paid expense card.  We do not need any KYC documents to issue them.

Live without limits

Our debit cards feature high transaction limits. Need more spending power? You can order as many cards as you want.

Accepted worldwide

Our debit cards are accepted at more than 100,000,000 merchants & 10,000,000 ATM's in 180+ countries that accept Visa card, including touch & chip (pin) transactions.

Use with ATM's anywhere

Card holders can withdraw cash at any of the 10,000,000 ATM's worldwide.

Banking for the entire earth

Our ATMs are in 80 countries

We built Privato Bank to be a truly global operation. In this quest we have developed an ATM network in 80 countries so that we may serve anyone who desires to use modern banking services. Need an account in an area with little bank coverage? No problem. Traveling abroad and need cash? No problem. Want to make a deposit wherever you are? No problem. Privato Bank has you covered.

Saving should be simple

We've partnered to earn you 1% per month

All Privato Bank accounts include a savings account that earns 1.000% per month, which is managed by the Templar Fund.  Growing your wealth should be simple.  A Privato Bank savings account is the stress-free way to increase your wealth while preserving the liquidity you need. 

Better service than any bank

Every account has its own AI-powered bank teller

You won't have to worry about standing in line or waiting for business hours to open.  Every Privato Bank account is given access to its own AI-powered bank teller to conduct transactions and answer questions 24 hours a day.  We want to build a long-term relationship with you, so consider your AI-powered bank teller your personal connection to the wonderful world of Privato Bank.