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About Anonymity & Anonymous Banking

Anonymous banking is not banking in a traditional sense. Instead of becoming a customer of a retail bank, Privato Bank account holders become shareholders of our private interest foundation. Why is our system designed this way? For two important reasons: (1) it allows you to be identified to us only as an account number. This means we do not need your name, address or any other traditional KYC personal data; and (2) it allows us to provide deposit, withdrawal, transfer and savings services, just like a retail bank, but without being required to reveal our account holders' identities.

How is this possible? The system is simple: when you open an account, behind the scenes the transaction is recorded as a bearer share purchase. When you make a deposit, we adjust the value of your ownership stake on paper. Your cash remains liquid to you, as it is now represented by bearer shares. Similarly, when you withdraw funds, behind the scenes the transaction is recorded as a bearer share sale. When you transfer funds between Privato Bank accounts, it simply is a bearer share transfer.

The only other major difference between Privato Bank and a 'normal bank' is that we do not operate any branches or physical offices.

Yes. The Privato Bank system operates on the bearer shares model, which is internationally recognized and legal. Individual account holders are subject to the laws of their home jurisdiction, which is your own responsibility. Because you are anonymous to us, we do not provide any information to any authority, agency or government on earth for any reason.

Becoming a shareholder in an investment company as a result of making an investment (known as a deposit) is a perfectly legal transaction. You are responsible for how you manage and utilize your funds.

We believe that banks are not effective or reliable policing agencies. There are more than 30,000 law enforcement agencies around the world. Banks, their shareholders and their Boards of Directors are not trained as, nor do they accept the responsibility of being a law enforcement officer. We cannot accurately, effectively or morally identify who is "good" and who is "bad." Instead, we leave it up to local law enforcement. Just as a petroleum station attendant isn't responsible for your actions behind the wheel, we, as your financial services provider, are not responsible for how you earn or spend.

About Privacy

Because you are anonymous to us, you have total privacy. Banking privacy policies are a bank's promise to its customers that it won't act irresponsibly with your personal data. (how's that working out for you?) You don't have to trust us, as we do not even have the data in the first place.

About Privato Bank

Because we are not required to do so, we do not publicly disclose the ownership of Privato Bank.  This information is known to the Panamanian regulators, but is not a matter of public record.  Our functions are compartmentalized to protect our institutional security.  We have private offices to service customer support, new client on-boarding, savings products, debit card printing and marketing.

Privato Bank is not a retail bank and is not subject to FATCA or OECD reporting requirements, nor is restrained by regional requirements.

Our customer support team functions as a single unit.  When you contact our team, you will receive a response that is consistent in quality and content, no matter the agent who replies.  Each of your contact records are visible to our support team, meaning that dozens of agents can provide you support at any time.  The advantage to you is that you can receive individualized support any day of the year without waiting on a specific contact to be present in the office.

For each account Privato Bank keeps only three records: (1) your e-mail address, (2) your login password and (3) your transaction password. We do not require or request any personal ID information.

We do not, under any circumstances.

Yes.  Our website is protected by SSL encryption and is tested by our in-house IT team on a daily basis.

Yes, we really do not know, nor do we want to.

Your money is fully insured and registered with a licensed investment service company.  We could not stay in business and maintain our license if we misused client funds. For this reason, you are protected.  Furthermore, Privato Bank does not make loans or conduct fractional reserve banking. Your funds never are put at risk and never leave our custody.

A PPIF can only be shut down or seized if its direct business activities involve the engagement of crime or terrorism.  Our only business activity is to provide financial services to our clients.  Each client assumes his or her own risk for their conduct & activities, therefore we are only at risk if we deviate from our business function.  We do not do this for any reason, especially as we make no loans or outside investments. Just as PayPal or Western Union are not culpable for their respective clients’ actions, we are not culpable beyond being a remittance service.

For determining the availability of your deposits and withdrawals, every day is a business day, including Saturdays, Sundays, international holidays, federal holidays and legal banking holidays.

  • Fiat Deposits. Deposits made with fiat currency by means of bank wire transfer, BACS payment, SEPA payment or cash will be available within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin Deposits. Deposits made with Bitcoin will be available within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Transfers To Debit Card. Funds to be credited to your debit card will be available within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Transfers To Savings Account. Funds to be credited to your savings account will be available within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Transfers From Savings Account. Funds to be credited to your master account from your savings account will be available within a maximum of 72 hours.
  • Fiat Withdrawals. Withdrawals made from your master account in fiat currency shall be transmitted within a maximum of 72 hours.
  • Bitcoin Withdrawals. Withdrawals made from your master account in Bitcoin shall be transmitted within a maximum of 72 hours.

About the Free Anonymous Account

To view your online banking panel, visit and click the "Log-in" button in the top menu.

You can deposit or withdraw up to $100,000,000 USD per day.

You may choose any of these currencies during your account opening: USD, GBP or EUR.  Debit cards are available in the same currencies.

Our customer service team replies to all inquires and transaction orders within 24 hours.

You can open and own as many accounts as you would like.

You can open an account any time you want. We do not know your age.

Privato Bank earns money in the following ways: (1) a small mark-up of the debit card printing fee; (2) a small mark-up of the debit card monthly fee; and (3) deposit and withdrawal fees

Electronic devices, automation software and API connections are among the tools that world governments use to track and observe consumer behaviors and identities.  The only way to preserve your anonymity is for our agents to manually conduct all transactions in a non-automated, offline 'analog' system.  We process all transactions within 24 hours, but this may be difficult for new account holders to adjust to who are used to instant transactions from a normal retail bank.  We want you to look at it this way: Privato Bank is the middleman protecting your personal sovereignty.  To accomplish this, you must sacrifice instant electronic transactions with slightly slower manual ones.  If you have a need for instant transactions and cannot afford to wait 24 hours for fund availability, we recommend you to select a traditional digital financial institution.  However, if anonymity or access to banking services that are not possible otherwise is your goal, please exercise patience and realize that our process is reliable, secure, and one that simply requires a small amount of time for manual operation.

About the Anonymous Debit Mastercard

Each debit card costs $10 USD per month. We will ship your debit card (with post tracking) free once you pay for your first month of service. Loading funds on your debit card costs 3.000% (this is a fee paid to VISA). If you do not have $10 USD on your debit card or within your combined Privato balances, we will cancel your debit card.

While we do not store shipping records, you are correct. We recommend setting up a post office box or using a mail forwarding service.

Your debit card will work at more than 100,000,000 merchants and 10,000,000 ATM's  in 180+ countries who accept Visa credit cards.

Yes, your debit card will work in any ATM.  You may be charged a processing fee of up to 2.9% depending on your geographic location and the operator of the ATM.  Privato Bank, however, does not charge any fees on debit card usage or ATM withdrawals.

Your maximum card balance per card is $15,000 USD. You may make up to 20 transactions ($7,500 USD) per day per card. You may withdraw $1,220.00 USD from an ATM per day per card. You may withdraw $5,050.00 USD over the counter (in a branch) per day per card.

About Deposits

There are none. You will receive your free anonymous account without a deposit. You can deposit as little or much as you want from that point. Accounts that aren't funded within 30 days will close automatically.

You can deposit up to $10,000,000 USD per day in fiat currency.  Cryptocurrency deposits that exceed $250,000 USD in value are accepted & will be coordinated with our treasury department in order to achieve the best possible exchange price.  This may require up to five business days, depending on the deposit amount & market liquidity.

Yes, we offer ATM’s in 80 countries. If you wish to deposit more than $10,000 USD cash, we provide agents in London, Montreal, Dubai, Riga, Sydney, Greece (any city) and Ireland (any city). We can also send our agent to your location for a fee to provide for transportation and security.

About Withdrawals

You may withdraw up to $10,000,000 USD per day in fiat currency.  If you intend to withdraw more than $250,000 in cryptocurrency, our treasury department will work with you to obtain the best possible price.  This may require up to five days depending on your withdrawal amount & market liquidity.